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However the bad reputation of anabolic steroids strongly limits this application.

Dosages of steroids for the medical buy clenbuterol online use fluctuate from 2,5 mg a day to 400 mg each four weeks. Only one type of anabolic steroids is usually applied. Athletes use at 8-10 times more the recommended norm of each preparation and often combine several different anabolic steroids. In typical schemes of reception the athlete accepts from 20 to 2000 mg of testosterone (in an equivalent) in day. More detailed information on schemes of reception is in the section As anabolic steroids are used by athletes?
In most cases the clinical use of a dose of anabolic steroids make only small part from the quantity of steroids made by an organism. Optimum doses for different cases are defined by manufacturing firm in experimental conditions. Before testing a new preparation on the person volunteer, long tests on animals to find out as far as the preparation is strong and as to dose it are carried out.
The complete antithesis - independent use of steroids. All instructions on a dosage and schemes of application are transferred by hearsay, without any check of efficiency or compliance to medical standards.


How anabolic steroids are used by athletes?

Athletes accept steroids in large numbers and often combine several different preparations.
But high doses are accepted not constantly. Steroid loading continues from buy clenbuterol online 4 to 18 weeks, then stops for a period of 1 till 12 months. It is called a cycle. Combinations of preparations and the scheme of cycles of the use very strongly differ depending on preparations and features of using. All information is transferred in the basic izustno from the athlete to the athlete. Doses in which now young athletes use steroids are at least 36% more than doses of athletes of last years. Here nobody conducts formal scientific researches and nobody now plainly knows as well as in what quantities it is better to apply steroids.
Anabolyichesky steroids are generally got from hands. It sets wide in motion to numerous fakes. Often veterinary steroids are used. As these preparations were developed for animals, nobody investigated their action on the person, possible doses and side effects.
As well as all preparations of the black market, counterfeit anabolic steroids are made in underground laboratories. 
They look as well as the real, but active elements in them can be others or not that force. For example, metandrostenolon was very popular anabolic steroid. After official producers removed it from the market, it continues to be on sale illegally. Rub the preparations bought offhand with a label metandrostenolon were checked in laboratory. Instead of the steroid specified on a label one contained methyltestosterone, the second - caffeine, in the third active ingredients were not at all. And preparations for injections, besides, can be also are unsterile.
As well as with any medicine, than the dose, especially probability of emergence of side effects is higher. It is right also for anabolic steroids. Apply other preparations to neutralization of these effects - estrogen locks to prevent development of tissues of breast (see. How anabolic steroids act on adults?), diuretics (diuretics) for fight against accumulation of water in an organism, a gonadotrophin to prevent an atrophy of testicles, human hormone of growth for increase in the sizes of muscles and the general sizes of a body. Each of these preparations causes own side effects.


At what age people begin to use anabolic steroids?

Two thirds of using began at the age of 16 years and are younger. From about one million Americans buy clenbuterol online using anabolic steroids, three quarters attend the higher school. Those who do not study make age group about 25 years. It by the way - average age of athletes in the American gyms.
Than the person is younger, that the risk of side effects from anabolic steroids is more. At the children of a female who were affected by steroids in a condition of a germ external male genitals develop, women's bodies of a reproduction at the same time remain. Parallel development of genitals and the slowed-down growth often are shown at children who podverlist to action of steroids.